Our Opened Food Reference Guide lists “safe-to-eat” time periods for various food items after opening.  Our decals “remember” when each food product was first opened, and how long it will be safe to eat.  These decals withstand the temperature of -65ºF, so you can use them in your freezer as well.  The calendar helps calculate exact “safe-to-eat” dates.

Follow these easy steps to use the FoodExpiration Tracker™ System:

  1. When opening a food container for the first time, write the date on a blank decal.
  2. Using your Opened Food Reference Guide, find out how long the food will be safe to eat.
  3. Use the calendar to calculate the discard date, and write it on the decal.
  4. Stick the decal onto a dry surface of the food container.
  5. Enjoy the food until the discard date.  Then throw away any food left in the container.