If you are like most people, you may have many opened food products in your refrigerator: from ketchup to jelly, to that seafood cocktail sauce used once for a party some time ago.  Do you remember when each of them was opened?  Do you know if that sauce is still safe to eat?  Now you can eat smart with the FoodExpiration Tracker™.



The Food Expiration Tracker™ System incorporates research from various sources to give you the latest information on food safety and food quality.

After years of research, we have brought you a handy Opened Food Reference Guide which we hope will serve as a useful guide to manage food quality at home.  Besides tapping into the food safety research done by The U.S. Department of Agriculture and The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we have done extensive research by directly contacting food manufacturers to get information on storage times as they apply to both food safety and food quality.

Information provided represents FoodExpiration Tracker's opinion based on extensive research and recommendations provided by the Quality Assurance Department of food manufacturers and Government agencies and University faculty members in the Food Science field.

All opened food storage times shown on our reference guide assumes the following home storage conditions unless otherwise noted:  room temperature of 65°-72°F for pantry storage;  refrigerator temperature of 34°-37°F;  freezer temperature of 0°F or lower.

We support the work done by American Cancer Society and donate a portion of our net proceeds to them.